Our Services

Rapid Product Prototyping

Do you have a custom product or prototype you'd like for us to design or manufacture? Contact us and let us know! We have the equipment and expertise to do professional quick turn designs, incorporating everything from embedded systems to microfluidics.

Maker Space

Come use our beautiful facility and work independently with our tools! For a fee we can train you and then give you access to use our CNC machine, 3D printers, laser cutter and other tools on your own time.

Sensor Deployment and Validation

Want to test your new sensor? Send it to us and we will field test it and provide you the data and our feedback! Since we are located at Flathead Lake (right by Glacier National Park), there couldn't be a better place to field test your latest design!

Education (Coming Soon)

We will be teaching classes on sensor development, manufacturing, and deployment in the near future. Check back soon!

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